Case Studies

Generating power onsite with Capstone microturbines has helped clients at thousands of facilities around the world lower energy costs, improve efficiency, increase reliability and reduce emissions.

Unsure How Generating Power Onsite Can Benefit Your Facility?

Learn how Capstone Turbines have helped clients like you reduce energy costs, maximize operational efficiency, improve reliability and decrease emissions.

Oil & Gas

Capstone microturbines are the ideal solution for onsite power generation in the oil and gas industry - providing low operating costs, high availability and minimal maintenance requirements.

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Commercial and Industrial

Generating power onsite with Capstone microturbines helps commercial and industrial facilities reduce energy costs, maximize efficiency and reduce emissions.

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Renewable Energy

Capstone microturbines fueled by biogas produced at agricultural, municipal facilities, and landfills produce clean and reliable renewable energy that can be used onsite or be sold back to the utility.

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